Cloud Implementations

Cloud Implementation delivers a software or an application to be used by your company’s employees. Implementing cloud allows users to use cloud technology in order to easily access computer programs and other data that is based at a remote site. At Elev8, our IT specialists will help you to implement clouds for your company by setting up:

  • Virtual Desktops
  • File sharing
  • Email
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Platform as a Service
  • Software as a Service
  • Public, Private or hybrid architectural design, implementation and hosting

benefits of cloud implementations

Cloud Implementations boast a variety of business advantages. These are a few benefits you may expect:

Maintain a global presence

Cloud technologies allow for remote access which help to maintain your global presence.

Update your Operations

By implementing up-to-date cloud technology, you will modernise and enhance the way your current operations and automatically scale up as resource-demands continue to change.

Application resilience

By allowing our specialists to implement cloud technology you will provide high-availability and application resilience.

Approach overview

Here at Elev8, we take a very personalised approach to ensure that we always meet all of our clients’ needs.

After discussing the client’s current undertakings, we will analyse the company’s needs and provide a proposed solution.

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